Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Storybook Island...again

After Redlodge, we spent a couple days home with my folks. We stayed busy all day Thursday since we were leaving the next day. First we hit Storybook Island, then pizza with Bo (my dad's dog) while he swam, then the kids went swimming at the Y. Phew. They were tired out for sure and so were we!

I went to Storybook last time I was home in July but this time Terry was finally with us. As we were going in, we were talking about how he was never with me when I've taken the kids, 4 or 5 times in the last couple years. I didn't think he'd ever been to the park... But then he remembered the photo below that we had in our wedding slide show.

We went to the Storybook Island together with Stephanie right before or after my brother's high school graduation. So that puts it back a ways b/c we weren't married yet though we were engaged, probably 2003, the year before we even got married! Crazy. So here we are on Noah's favorite slide. I'm scolding Terry for who knows what, b/c we thought it would be funny =) And it's pathetic that I still have those capris...

Okay, back to present day. This was quite cute b/c Noah was all about holding Evie's hand and looking after her. What a sweet boy.

Here Terry is helping Evie get onto Noah's favorite slide that I also scolded Terry on in 2003!

Poor Piglet. At Pooh's house all the characters got sat on... This was a favorite that the kids didn't want to leave.


Chillaxing on Rabbit like it's aint no thang



And Pooh!

High five Piglet

This is a new addition since I was little. Prince Charming is apparently a polygamist...

Handsome prince


Evie was trying to climb Yogi or something...

The kids await the train driver to take their tickets for the ride

There's a lot of sitting on animals isn't there?

No idea

Leaving the park

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