Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10. "before and after" dungeon

"Before" dungeon, which is the basement/lowest level and is below the front room. Up the stairs from here is the "downstairs" as we call it - well, we have TWO downstairs so we had to call this one something different, hence, Dungeon. So, all there is to notice here are the branches in the window.

"After." Yeah, it's pretty much all the same except for clean carpet, our stuff and Terry cut down the bushes by the front door. This is our room for extra stuff and is also an office.

"Before." Lots and lots of shelving. The door to the right is the storage/furnace room

"After." Yeeeeeah. Pretty much the same except for our stuff, which we don't have enough of to fill all those shelves. In the future this will be a good home schooling room though. Big dry erase board...

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  1. Eva, I looked through all of your blogs on the house before and after projects. It all looks so great! Jess and I will have to make a trip there sometime to see it all in person now that it is even more put together than the last time we were there. :) Love ya sister!