Sunday, August 2, 2015

VBS 2015

July 12-16 was our church's vacation bible school. I wouldn't usually have but a few pictures of the event but was asked to take photos for the week. Therefore I had hundreds of pictures and could pick out my favorites for the blog and for the video that Terry and I put together.

This shot was my absolute favorite. Evie's group got sprinkled on during game time on the first night and she was very much enjoying herself - it captures Evie's personality perfectly.

Noah and Moses enjoying Asher's dancing...

Lynn was threatening Evie with glue during craft time ;)

I snuck in Samuel's class.

After the rain passed the sun came out and lit up a beautiful rainbow.

Actually a double rainbow!

The rainbows started at the dump...

And ended at Dave's house ;)  Ha ha!

I kind of liked the reflection in the window.

Samuel's group played Duck, Duck, Goose.


Ezra spent his time in the nursery.

There were about 100 kids. The music time was my favorite part. Good music and dancing and fun.

Evie brought her friend Shawnti, our neighbor, for the week.

The preschoolers got to play with a parachute the second night. That was crazy.

Evie holding up the second day's sign that they memorized.

The third day was rainy outside again so all the groups had to play inside. Noah loves gaga ball.


Debbie brought her new puppy and I loved her.

Noah being led around by listening to Asher's instructions.

Terry and his game leaders :)

As you have probably gathered, Terry was the game leader for the week.

Evie put her snack on her head. She's a kitty! Oh, and as a side note, she still had these snacks in her chest of drawers three weeks later. I have a hoarder...

The fifth and final night the families were invited to watch their kids program and then stay for a BBQ afterwards. It was nice. Thankful it didn't rain that night!

Here is the video Terry and I made (okay, it was mostly Terry). It's really good!

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