Tuesday, August 25, 2015

4H hiking

Last week I was deleting pictures from my phone to make more space when I ran across these forgotten photos from mid-July. That week was VBS and I had to prepare to host a youth group from Iowa for two nights, so I wasn't even sure that we had time to go on this outing. Thankfully Amanda scheduled it very early and I had time for everything. 

Our 4H group hiked Little Elk Creek Canyon trail. 

I was so thankful I left Ezra with Terry because it was too rough for a stroller and I would have had to carry him on my hip for two or three miles. Carrying Samuel towards the end was hard enough. It was beautiful though, with the creek next to us the whole time. When we came to this place, below, the kids unanimously decided, without discussing it, that we just had to stop right there. The water was calling to them. And into the water they all went!

I had just bought Noah those shoes and this was the first time wearing them. I just had to let him go in the water though.

It got kind of deep in the middle! 


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