Tuesday, August 25, 2015

slugs and flowers

When we returned to our own home after staying with Terry's folks during the first half of the Rally, I felt so fond of our house. It's just exactly what we need and we are so thankful for it.

That evening we had a quick thunderstorm go by and when the sun popped out, so did I, to check for rainbows. And boy did I find one - a double rainbow really low over our street! There's a pot of gold in that boat :)

Afterwards I took some pictures of the front bed that we had worked so hard on, feeling rather gratified that everything was growing. I'd never attempted to grow anything in the ground before! First we planted the hydrangeas and grasses. Then I added some flowers that I scored half off at Hardware Hank and finally those climbing plants are morning glories. I don't know why they haven't bloomed though...

After the rain I was inspecting my plants when I came across this slimy slug! Something had been eating my morning glories and petunias for weeks and I thought that the insect dust I bought would dehydrate them in their tracks, but no. Here was proof that the dust wasn't cutting it. I had Terry buy some actual slug bait and for good measure, I skewered the creep as a warning to all his friends.

Back in June we had a crazy big hail storm go through and it demolished all of our gardens. My poor perfect bright hydrangeas were shredded. But I held out hope. I pruned them and waited to see if they'd come back at all...

And they have! This is the petunia on the left in the above photo. It wasn't as shredded and therefore has taken a little longer to come back. And I don't know, it's just never looked as good as the other one,

But this is the hydrangea on the right side and it's so bushy! The star shaped flowers are nicotianas and they aren't what I mean. The leafy plant to the left is the hydrangea bush. It's come back even better than the other one! Probably because I had to prune it even more. I don't know, but it looks great. I have hopes it'll grow even bigger next year. Can't wait to see! 

The blue hydrangea we planted on the other side of the bed is tripled in size and the blooms are just gorgeous.  

I love it! 

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