Thursday, October 8, 2015

the disappointing carrot

Halfway through September Terry figured it was time to start harvesting some of our carrots, especially since they were nearly jumping out of the soil on their own. So he pulled some up and being the wonderful, helpful husband that he is, started cutting them up.

Then he called me outside to show me what had become of the gargantuan carrot top that had gone to seed and was literally as tall as Evie. While the carrot green was massive, the carrot it was attached to under the soil was a bit of a let down, to be honest. I mean, look how tweeny that thing is!

The small size of the carrot is probably my fault. After our mid-June hail-a-thon, our garden box looked like this, below. And actually, all you can see here are the green beans (on the far end) and the peas (in the middle, nearest the railing). There were a few carrots you can't see behind the railing. But obviously, after the hail, there was nothing.

But since it was only mid-June, I thought I might as well re-plant and see if anything grew into harvestability with the time left. The green beans have been producing wonderfully. The peas were duds. The carrots have also been growing strong. But you see, I think my initial planting problem (even before the hail) was that we only put one solitary seed in each hole. Then, only two carrots tops emerged from the soil, before the hail. So upon this re-planting, I put like five seeds in each hole, and maybe more. 

Well, most of them came up. The problem was that they were so crowded together that they didn't really have time to grow properly. The carrots are to the right of the pink flowered Cosmos. You can even see a second carrot gone to seed as well, sticking up high above the rest. 

So yes, all this to say, the disappointing carrot is probably my fault. I shouldn't have planted so many together. But really, I have no idea.

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