Thursday, October 8, 2015

trampolining II

It's been a while since I've posted any trampolining pictures (just over two years actually, since we first got the thing). Terry was out there one beautiful September evening about a month ago and these motion shots were too good to pass up. Evie's face cracks me up.

Again with the Evie face. She's the goofiest of them all. Oh, and here she has no legs.


Samuel has come a long way (and Ezra too) from when he would cry if anyone jostled or bounced him or if he fell down. It's bound to happen on a trampoline kid, and he seems to have embraced it.

Kind of reminds me of Thriller... 

Hahahahaha! See? The hands?!

Lots of hair. Reminds me of when she was a wee little thing and her hair was so very staticky from the trampoline back in Gburg when Samuel was in my tummy and Stephanie was visiting. Awww, good times. 

I'm sure this looked much more impressive in motion. Here it looks like he's just crumbled.

Karate Kid? Morpheus or Neo?

Oh. Yeah. 

A little less graceful...

No pants Ezra. 

Spinning Samuel. 

I figured I had better attach a video of what it looked like in real time.

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