Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Christmas 2015

Our family does things somewhat different than others on Christmas morning - the kids can't get up until the appointed time when we come and get them. We don't do the whole wake up 4am thing too well. Terry and I get up early and get everything finished up, which mostly includes putting breakfast in the oven - our annual raspberry coffee cake made the night before. Once it's time, we go get the kids up. We don't do Santa mostly because we don't want him to take credit for our hard work. That also why we get them up ourselves. We like to see the excitement from beginning to end. 

We started with Noah. I photograph and Terry does videos. It had been Noah's first night in his "new" room all alone in the big bed. He loves wearing that Santa hat, and I do not like it at all. It gets stinky and makes his hair funny. But we compromised and he got to wear it for a week instead of a month.

Then we three went upstairs and awoke Evie, but I'm not so sure she was sleeping. It was her first night in her new loft! She said she slept great. And since then she's been sleeping in every day (instead of getting up early like she used to) because she says her bed is so comfy. 

Last of all were the littles. Of course it had been their first night together as well. It took Ezra a few warnings and consequences the night before to quiet down, but there was no problems in the morning... 

...In fact, Samuel had been very sound asleep. Poor little bear sort of tumbled out of hibernation.

Next they all ran down the stairs to their stockings. 

Just a few little things to whet their appetite. 

After breakfast we finally sat down together and opened gifts one at a time, youngest to oldest.  Samuel was really interested in my Jurassic Park DVD... Well I was!

I think the kids had just opened their gifts from aunt Stephanie and Terry had opened his screwdrivers "from the kids"/himself. 

A new motorized train, James. 

A Lego Cinderella carriage. 

The Lego Bionicle he's been wanting forever. Not sure why he likes those, but he thinks they're awesome. He has several he's bought with his Poop Troop money. We really need to think of something else for them to do with their money. 

This was the only thing Samuel wanted, a "Batman tank." It was half off on Thanksgiving night and Terry scooped it up at Toys-R-Us. Super great deal. 

A rainbow nightlight. She was excited despite her face here. It's quite cool actually.

Samuel just begins to open the big kids' Christmas gift. Evie sort of seems to know what it is... 

I love their reactions. It's a new Wii U. We've had the original since 2009 and figured it was a good time to upgrade. We almost took it back because we (me especially) feel uneasy with video games, but decided to keep it. 

I love how Noah looks at Evie. It's all just cute. 

And here's the Six Pack of "Beers." Me with the weird neck and Ezra with the Ring Pop mouth. 

A bit better. It's funny because in the all the camera timed photos Samuel's tank get higher and higher in each one.

After a while we drove out to the ranch to celebrate with Terry's family. The kids did so great waiting (mostly) patiently. We had lunch first, Sarah and Ezra napped, we played games (Rook), at dessert (pecan pie), and then, finally, opened gifts when it was getting dark. 

All of us! 

Noah and Evie passed out gifts once again. 

Ezra got some sweet miniature trains.  

They kept him busy for a while. 

"Ah! It's a Hex-Bug!"

All the chapstick a 7 year old could wish for. 

A new fish tank complete with money to buy an actual Beta fish. 

Shari and Gramma were bored ;) Just kidding. We had another great Christmas!

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