Thursday, January 28, 2016

the snowy Mick ride

On the second day of the year, some of our students started the new year right - toiling through snow/sand on their bikes on the Mickelson Trail. There has been some debate as to whose idea this was. We all blamed Jazmin but she said it was Jana's idea. We'll just say they're equally to blame for the pain that was endured. 

Our friends Paul and Jana have fixed up a cabin on the Mickelson Trail south of Custer and the idea was to park 11 miles up trail (or so?) and ride to the new cabin and hang out. Terry and I did not participate for the biking part. We were still recovering from New Year's Eve. Even though most of these students had stayed up all night, after a presumably good night's rest, the following day they began their trek. 

Terry, the kids, one student (Luke), and I drove to the cabin just to hang out with them all. We spotted the group just outside of Custer and parked at the first available area and ran down the trail to surprise the group. We hid behind a tree and then jumped out at all of them as they passed. It was kind of a fail. No one screamed or was scared at all. No one even wanted to stop! Afterwards we found out the reason for this was that they were so exhausted from peddling through snow that felt like loose sand.

All smiles from Jazmin and Denise however. Denise was borrowing Paula's new fat tire bike that had considerable more surface area and tread so she was doing well. Of course she is in fantastic shape and bikes all the time. She shared the bike around to everyone.

Here's the group unhappy to have been stopped by Terry the photographing maniac.

You can see the girls in the back trying to get enough grip to start moving again. Darn it Terry and Eva. David is an old pro and is popping a wheelie...

Really?! I mean, seriously?! On snow?!

Forgoodnesssakes! I went biking with him for the first time last weekend and he's out of control good. Ridiculous!

After this we left them to it and headed to the cabin. It's beautiful, of course, because they do amazing work. Here's the collective kids enjoying some nachos.  

The mature adults. 

We waited what seemed like forever for the bikers to arrive. It probably took them close to another two hours from where we saw them to travel the few miles to the cabin. Poor kids. I'm not sure who was first. I know Prae is in white...

Landon and Denise.

First I took a spin on the fat tire bike and then Terry did. I was ashamed that after a one minute cruise around the land my quads were sore the next day despite the working out I had been doing. Snow is hard to peddle through, even with those tires. Poor kids had hours of it. 

Zoe collapsed when she finished.  

The last in were David, Emma, and Jazmin. 

They were all ravenous and devoured those nachos.  

We hung out for a while and then Terry, Paul, Dan, and I went to get everyone's vehicles for the riders. Paul hit a deer ahead of me on the way back. It was quite the eventful day! 

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