Friday, January 1, 2016

sleeping in, frosty

Halfway through December brought a dark, frosty morning that encouraged Ezra to sleep in. They cancelled school in Rapid so this would have been a big blessing and happy coincidence if we didn't homeschool. As it was we did school anyway. :P

It doesn't happen very often anymore so I had to snap a couple pictures. 

Ice, ice everywhere. Notice that little bundle in front of the play set?

Terry and I were brushing our teeth, observing the frosty backyard when Terry asked me if that was Samuel's coat on the ground. Sure enough it was. There was a nice bare Samuel coat shaped spot on the grass when I picked it up. Into the wash it went. I said on facebook that you know you have a lot of kids when you don't even notice when one comes in coat-less.

I tried to capture the frost on the pine needles.  

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