Friday, January 8, 2016

staff Christmas party

In case you have forgotten, Terry is a youth pastor. ;) Therefore he works with other pastors and staff at our church. We are so incredibly thankful and glad to be here. So it was fun to once again gather together and celebrate a little bit for Christmas. 

This was the first year we hosted the party at our house. It just sounded cozy. It was!

The kids all exchanged Christmas socks with one another.

Noah's weren't "Christmas" socks, but since they were Star Wars...well, who cares? They were awesome. 

There's Noah's buddy Jack opening his socks. Lauralee and Pastor Dave are behind him . 

Russ and Denise watch Zeah open her socks. 

And our silly Evie. 

The kids on the stairs was our first attempt to get a group photo of them. It didn't work so well. But you can see Samuel's socks here. He calls them his video game socks.  

Much better. 

Terry took the ladies photo while he was setting up the tripod for the full group. 
Rachel, Lauralee, me, Carol, Jana, and Denise

That's us. And Snap dog ;)
Left to right: Receptionist Rachel with husband Aaron, Lauralee is the Director of Educational Ministries, Terry and I, Paul is the Director of Connections and his wife Jana, Senior Pastor Dave and Carol, who also helps in the office, Worship Pastor Russ and his wife Denise

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