Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Risk night

Terry and our friend Matt had been dying to have a Risk night. Therefore we planned one just two days after Christmas. It had been a while since they had played I suppose; the last recorded instance being two years ago when Ezra was a baby. Hey, David and Steven were here that time too. In fact, I have this very clear memory of Terry hosting some very silly, rowdy, fun middle school boys over at our house when Noah was just a baby. They were none other than David and Steven. It's crazy. We had been youth leaders at our same church, previously First E-Free, before we moved to Gburg and now that we are back at the same church, Parkview, those same middle school boys are some of our best youth leaders (they're all great, but we've known these boys since they were teeny!). I remember we were living out at the ranch and I went to bed at like 9pm with baby Noah and when he woke me up at midnight the guys were still playing away. I think I even went out and was like, "What's the deal guys?" Yeah, I've always been like that.

Anyway, here's David, Michael, Terry, and Gabe. I can't quite remember but I'm gonna jump on a limb and say Gabe won. Or Michael. Oh man. I feel like I should remember this...

The other group: Zeb, Steven, Prae, Noah, Snap, Silas, Samuel, and Matt.

Somehow we got to talking about how incredibly ticklish Terry is. The boys chased him downstairs and proceeded to tickle torture him. It was funny :D. 

After that we got into a discussion about what the best movies are. David and Steven couldn't stop talking about how awesome Gladiator, Braveheart, and The Patriot are. They were dumbfounded that Prae had seen none of them. So we sat down and watched Gladiator together!

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