Monday, August 19, 2013

Noah's pictures #5

A few weeks ago Noah was bored and asked to take some photos like he used to in the old days when Samuel was a baby.   

Samuel is quite a lot bigger now! He's still got that hair we all love though. I hope that never changes.

Terry was busy playing Risk with some Andrew, David and Steven.

Ezra was wide-eyed awake.

Even though he's chunkier than Samuel was, his feet are pretty small comparatively. They look more like Evie's did.
Noah's thumb is freaking me out. It looks like it isn't there...

My freckled girl.

That ribbon must be exciting.

Noah had so much fun taking photos that he bugged us incessantly the next day to take more photos. We came up with a better idea. Terry helped Noah make his very first stop motion video. Star Wars Battle. After they watched it on YouTube, they watched someone else's much better, funnier video and Noah wanted to make more. He also wants to make movies when he grows up now.

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