Wednesday, August 21, 2013

swinging Evie, growing baby

While I was making dinner yesterday I looked outside and saw Evie swinging all by herself! That was new to me though Terry said she's been doing it with a start-up push for a while. I pay such close attention. But yesterday was the first time she could get herself going and keep going. She swung for like a half hour. What a big girl! :) and :(

When I wrote about Ezra's first smiles a couple days ago, I realize that I've been terrible about taking photos (cell photos don't count). So I took the opportunity while supper was simmering away and snapped some of the growing baby. And crazy Daddy. Look at his fat little thighs! So different from Samuel. I love it!

See how his face is elongated? Yeah. He's changed a lot in just a few weeks. Go figure.


Kiss kiss kiss

Ezra was a little grumpy because he woke up way too early from his nap but Daddy got him to smile with some tickles.

And he's done smiling. But still adorable.

Squish the face!

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