Monday, August 26, 2013

12 weeks

Baby Ezra is already 12 weeks old! The summer sure flew by (wish we could say that about winters). 

My sister reminded me to make sure I don't neglect the baby and take plenty of photos of him. Taking her advice, I stripped little Ez down to his diaper to do some comparison shots from when he was only a few days old.

Here's Ezra at 3 days old when he still had his umbilical stump and was jaundiced with dry, peely skin. 

Here he is at 12 weeks! I'm not exactly sure how much the little pudge weighs, but it's over 13 pounds, perhaps even 14, since he was nearly 13 pounds at his 8 week check.

He is quite efficient at smiling these days. Every time it's like a little gift.

Look at his pudgy little legs! Samuel was so skinny that it's nice to have a squishy baby again (Evie is still called Little Squish around here).

Yes, it's somewhat gratifying to squish those legs and cheeks and belly. Makes me feel like I'm doing a good job :)


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