Sunday, August 18, 2013

dungeon: part 8, tape, mud, texture, paint

 I'll be up to date on the dungeon progress after this post. It's so fulfilling to see how much we've (Terry's) accomplished. He worked incredibly hard the week leading up to his disconnect youth trip to WY the first week of August. Really, it was a grueling week for him mudding in the evenings but he wanted me to be able to paint while he was gone. I was glad to have something to keep me busy. 

Here is the first layer of mud over the tape and screws. We thought the second and third coats would go quicker since he wouldn't have to tape as well. Boy were we wrong. 

Here is the second coat of mud going on. 

And here is the third! Talk about fanning it out wide, right?! Terry is quite the perfectionist. Even though this was his first time mudding, you wouldn't have known. He did a fantastic job. The drywall was so smooth that we could have skipped the texturing and just slapped the paint on. 

I thought it would be cool to show before and afters of the walls of mud and paint. What a difference eh? It's a real room!!! 

Mud opposite side of the room where the TV and couch will go.

Let there be paint! I wanted a blue gray and I think it turned out well. Sherwin Williams Gray Screen.

Mud on the north wall. Nice right?! 

Boom baby.

Mud going up the stairs. The hallway was very strenuous, difficult work for Terry. It looks great.


Here's a close up cell photo of the knockdown texture before it dried. Terry had never textured either but he knocked it out of the park. Of course.

Check that hallway out. Brilliant.

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