Monday, January 4, 2016

Kveene Christmas 2015

Like I mentioned in the last post, Nathan and Ana came to Rapid the week before Christmas for a very quick trip in order to pick up a van they were buying for their growing family. The first night they were here Terry and I went to see The Force Awakens (on opening night!) after they went to bed. The second night my folks came over and we did our Kveene Christmas. We had scrumptious Kveene snacks that spoiled our dinner and Kveene pizza which we ate anyway and loud Kveene fun.

Four crazies and one cousin.

Awww. What a cute little family they are. Can't wait to meet their baby girl in April!

Terry and I have adopted a couple Kveene traditions, one of which is that the kids hand out the presents.  The next thing we've carried over from my childhood is opening gifts one at a time, starting with the youngest. We even do it that way at Terry's parent's house now. It's more fun that way since you see what everyone receives and it extends the excitement.

Theo's big box was a Little People slide track. 

And Ezra. He's still cute too. 

Bows on the head are just bound to happen. 

Theo opening our gift. 

Nathan was especially happy with the baby books ;) 

I can't remember what this gift was, but he doesn't look too excited yet. 

Some doll accessories for her look alike American Girl doll from Gramma K last year. 

We got dad some sort of cord adapter he asked for. He forgot he gave me this idea and after I already ordered it he suggested I just give him cash. Ha! 

You can't have too many Legos right? Evie appears to disagree... "Really?" ;)

Ezra loved his remote control Dusty Crophopper. 

Cute little bow-ed Theo watching Grampa. 

Sleepy baby. 

Nathan and Ana got the kids Star Wars t-shirts. Oh yeah! That way they could wear them to the new movie when we took them the following week.

Noah had to put his Lego set together before bed. And then he couldn't even take his eyes off of it. ;)

My dad just loves animals. He's a cat and dog whisperer. Snap prefers to sit with him over anyone else when they visit, like this photo from Noah's birthday last year. This cracks me up.

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