Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Years 2016

New Year's Eve was a bit lonely for me. Terry was at the church for an all night youth lock-in and I was with the kids and dog at home. From my vantage point it seemed like all the world was having a fantastic time and I was just sort of sad. To cheer myself up I made chocolate pudding and watched Sherlock since a new episode was coming out three days later. At least I got a full night of sleep, while Terry had only about an hour of shut eye.

The reason why overnights and trips are hard is not only the night and days without him, it's because when he gets home I can't quite have a break yet. I will have been with the kids for what seems like a long time and am ready to get away, but it has to wait a bit longer. That's the hard part. Just when it seems like it over, it's not. I handle this situation graciously or selfishly, but mostly selfishly. I have a lot to learn (not trying to complain, just being real).

New Years day was no exception. Terry came home and slept while the kids needed corralled. I was very ready to get out but it's difficult on your own with four kids. I rose to the occasion, such was my desire to be out in the air, under the sun. I took us to M Hill. That way they could run ahead of me and it was almost like I had peace and quiet.

I hadn't been there since I fell in the mud while mounting biking last summer. The kids hadn't visited since we went geocaching last February. It's so lovely having a hill right in the middle of town.  

Every step made me feel a little better. 

An almost smile. 

It was good for the kids too. 

Nearly done. Water break. 

I'm not good at selfies. I wanted the hill behind me. Kinda forgot about the sun being directly in my eyes... Ouch...

This one turned out better than I imagined. That's me :P

To run the clock down a little more, I took the kids to Culvers for some custard. Plus all I had for lunch was a peanut butter jelly sandwich and I was hungry. 

Ezra sure was smiley for some reason. Chocolate does that to a person. 

We took the path around the foot of the hill because I didn't know how Ezra would do, but he ended up doing great. Here's a video from when we were almost at our water break.

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