Wednesday, September 4, 2013

M Hill hike

A few weeks ago Terry was feeling a little stir crazy and decided to take Noah and Evie on a hike. 

What's pretty great about Rapid City is that there's hiking and mountain biking right in the middle of town. You don't have to drive an hour like in some places. M Hill is only five minutes from our house! The photo below shows me on the hill  (Dinosaur Park) across from M Hill. You can see the white M behind me.  So Terry and the kids hiked up to the M!
Fun fact from wikipedia about M Hill: "The first 'M-Day' homecoming celebration [for the School of Mines] occurred on October 5, 1912 with the construction of the 'M' on M-Hill." Now the students whitewash that thing every year.

Nearly at the top with a newly groomed Snap dog.

Terry found it amusing that Evie was really swinging her arms on the ascent. She needed the momentum to climb!

They made it! Snap had a difficult time. His back legs kept giving out on him and he'd nearly have to drag his back end. Then he kept trying to pull them into the grass or shade for a rest. Poor dog is out of shape. I try to take him running with me but he can't keep up. 
They're above the M looking southeast.

The kids did fantastic. They didn't complain at all. I can't wait til I can go along as well. But I don't really fancy taking Ezra up! 

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  1. Is Snap out of shape or did her really "snap" something when he was a puppy?? :D