Wednesday, September 11, 2013

more hail...

Let's just say that if I had a garden, it'd be totaled.

On August 30th we had our second large hail storm of the summer. The first one was during Hills Alive where we were crowded under a tent. We were home for this one and it went on for-ever, seemingly. It did last over a half hour long though. I was upstairs nursing Ezra near the end of it and it was actually a little scary listening to the hail pounding our roof. It sounded like the roof was going to cave in.

Here is the beginning of the hail. The kids found it amusing how the hail bounced when it hit the ground. I was just glad it was the ground and not us getting hit. Very thankful for our house!

Another golf ball sized hail stone. Now the deck has hail divots all over it.

Talk about a lot of hail.

Like snow! We just had an insurance adjuster over yesterday. We'll probably need a new roof like everyone else in the neighborhood. 

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