Wednesday, September 18, 2013

my 32nd

Yesterday I turned 32. It was a good day. Terry always makes my birthday particularly good. Like when I turned 27 and he sent me on a scavenger hunt. What he did yesterday reminded me of that. He wrote out the birthday plan, cut out the individual words, labeled them in half hour increments and gave Noah and Evie each a pile to give me at the appropriate time. For example, at 8am, I got the "Happy Birthday!" note. I had to figure out what we were doing based off this puzzle. This is what the notes looked like, but slightly out of order.
It should read: "Happy Birthday! Don't fret about swimming lessons. Be ready to leave at 5pm. Dress like you're going to church. Bring Ezra!"

My mom and dad came over at 5pm to watch the kiddos. I was thankful that that included Ezra and Terry and I were able to get away alone for a couple hours. Dad took Noah to swimming lessons.

I'm glad I had dad take a photo of Terry and I before we left. Nicey nice! 

When I told Terry I wanted the Hershey's cake that made me gain nine pounds in January while pregnant, he said he already had it taken care of. I was a little bummed until he showed me this Piece of Cake cake (where we got our wedding cake. i love their cake).
Nom nom nom!

Samuel helped me blow out the candles. I'm sure there was only a little spit on the frosting...

I'll include a couple of my gifts because they are so cool (I got him this for his birthday which might have given him the idea). He got me a Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite mold

And this Star Trek TNG Communicator Badge will have to be part of Halloween costume or something. Or daily wear. I'm wearing it today!

And here are a few family shots. Terry is making up for Ezra's lack of facial expression...

Noah gave Noah and Evie a camera to take photos with. There were a few good ones, but I erased like 300 blurry photos! They had fun though. Here's Evie taking Shari and Samuel's picture.

Jesse looks really excited ;)

I like this one of my dad. Snap likes my dad.

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