Tuesday, September 10, 2013

first day of school 2013/2014

I made another curriculum change for school this year. For preschool and kindergarten with Noah we did Sonlight. Last year was My Father's World. And this year we're trying classical education. I've done a lot of research - quite a bit of reading and also discussion with some folks at church whose kids I have been very impressed with. All in all, I am just drawn to it. Probably because it's very structured, thorough and systematic. 

I read through newest edition of The Well Trained Mind. Great book. Plus, it told me exactly what to do. And that's what we're doing.

Even though I had been researching classical education since the spring, I was behind on ordering our books. Plus, our laptop was down for part of August. So when the first day of school arrived (Monday August 26, 2013), all I had were our Math and Handwriting books. It was just fine to have an easy, relaxed re-introduction to school.

Here are my little punks all ready to begin. Samuel just makes a mess of things of course. But at first he did want to sit right up at the table with us and write squiggles.
Noah (8) 2nd grade, Evie (5) Kindergarten, Samuel (2.5) keep-himself-busy school.

And here's our school room. Looks a little different than last year with all of Noah's art. But I just can't hardly wait for our dungeon to be done so we can make this side of the room a bedroom (so we won't have three in one room altogether anymore)...

...and the other side a school room! The big couch and TV will go downstairs along with all the toys. Then I'd like an actual wood table to do school on instead of a card table (it'll go under that painting and will be so much fun to work at with a fire going in winter!). Gotta be patient with all these projects though!

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