Thursday, June 13, 2013

3 in 1

When we bought our house last year, we only had three children and no real solid plans to add another though we were open to it.  So our three bedroom set up was working just fine. Noah and Evie shared a room and Samuel was still in his crib in the smallest room. Well, God had other plans for our family planning. 

Little Ezra has come along, necessitating that all three kids go in one room (I'm too light a sleeper to share a room with a baby). So last week we moved Samuel on over into Noah and Evie's room. It's been going just okay. Samuel seems to want to talk himself to sleep for like 45 minutes, which of course disturbs the other two. The punk. So hopefully we can figure this thing out.

But when the dungeon is complete (gas line, furnace and drywall is next!), the next project is another bedroom downstairs where the school room is now. Evie will have this green room to herself and it will double as a guest bedroom. Ezra will have the smallest upstairs bedroom where he's already at. And Noah will whip Samuel into shape in the new downstairs bedroom (we will be too far away to hear Noah beating up Samuel). That's the plan for this summer. Well, I can hope we'll get that far this summer.

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