Wednesday, June 26, 2013

storybook - first time out as a six pack

When Ezra was only a week old, we had some good friends, the Crumptons, visit us for the afternoon. Terry knows Adam and Krista from college at Moody and Adam lived out at the ranch for a couple summers. They are missionaries in Mexico (we even visited them once and need to again) and were on the road visiting some churches. They went out of their way to come and see us!

It was our first time out as a six pack! I looked in the back seat and was almost startled to see all those kids. Whose are they? Oh yeah, I'm a mother of four now. We are a family of six! Crazy. Nothing felt like four kids like getting them all into the van. The Crumptons patiently waited for us to get loaded up for Storybook Island.

Terry and I disagreed about which stroller to bring. I thought Samuel would have plenty of fun running around and we didn't need to bring the bulky double stroller. I was wrong...
Yeah, I'm woman enough to admit when I'm wrong. Samuel had a hard time being ousted from "his" stroller seat. We should have brought the double stroller...

Our two oldest with their two oldest: Alistair and Anson.

Digging in the sand.

Adam and Krista and Ainsely 

Shari and Grace joined us as well. Grace and Samuel are driving an old fashioned fire truck. 

Samuel (and Terry - haha) and Anson. 

Noah flashes his gang sign at the top of Pooh's tree house... 

Noah and Evie and Alistair on a funny little boat on Noah's Ark island. 

I was there. See?! Funny thing was, even though I took every opportunity to rest and sit down (only a week postpartum!), I ended up getting quite sick the very next day. Mastitis. Thank the Lord for antibiotics.

Train ride. 

They spent quite a lot of time climbing in this space ship thing at the very end. Afterwards, we got some take and bake pizzas and ate at home. The Crumptons stayed til bedtime and then drove all the way to Chicago! It was really good to hang out though. So glad they stopped.

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