Wednesday, June 19, 2013

holding Ezra

So far, our fears of a rough transition to a family of four kids have been minimally realized. Samuel has been doing well as an older brother and hasn't done any harm to Ezra. Though, he did enjoy going grocery shopping with me alone today. It was so sweet how he was smiling at me from the front of the cart - I could tell he was enjoying himself. I much prefer that Samuel to the one who destroyed their room during nap time yesterday - no nap was had either. I was so stressed I passed on making dinner and Terry brought home Subway.

So the transition is going relatively well. The kids all love Ezra, especially Noah. But Evie and Samuel do too. They will take every opportunity to hold him.

As the oldest and the most trustworthy, Noah has had quite a few more turns holding Ezra than the other two. Plus, he hovers around him the most.

This was Samuel's first time holding Ezra when he was five days old. Samuel was so pleased, though Ezra doesn't appear to be sharing those feelings...

And here is Ezra at 10 days old. Noah got the first turn holding him.

I thought I'd better let Evie have a turn next. She looks so happy! 

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