Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Our first three kids have all had jaundice so I had resigned myself to deal with the heel pricks and cries, the bili-beds, bili-blankets and window sunbathing on top of all the other transitions a new baby brings. Thankfully, Ezra has had lower numbers than his siblings and I've only had him on the bili-bed for six days total, and not even at night. He's still a little yellow, but I'm not worried about it because actually, he looks really good. 

Here is our wall of newborn jaundice sunbathing photos - the ones with the close up baby shots. Noah is the top left and Evie is next to him. Below her is Samuel.

So, here are my photos of Ezra attempting to sunbathe in our bedroom. It was a fail as far as getting the biliruben down because at this time of year, the sun doesn't come directly in any of our windows. But it was a win for getting some cute photos. I did have to adjust the coloring so he didn't look completely orange though. He looks almost normal colored in these!

This is a close up of the previous photo. It's my favorite expression that I was able to catch where he didn't look cross eyed.

This is the same photo as above but rotated and black and white. This one is what will go up on the wall with the others!

So little! He was only three days old.

I love that double chin. Last night I overheard Terry telling Ezra not to worry. Some day he'll have a neck.

A little lip action.

Hand action.

Full body shot with the pretty dried blue umbilical stump. It's fallen off since.

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