Wednesday, June 12, 2013

first meetings

Since we came home the same day that Ezra was born, there was no need for a crowded hospital room meeting. Our kids got to meet Ezra about five hours after he was born at home and lemme tell you, they were e x c i t e d. I remember slowly coming up the garage stairs (I had just given birth people!) and scrambling to get the camera out to video the first meeting. All the noise the kids made completely overwhelmed me. After they were done meeting Ezra, I sat down in the living room and tried to nurse. At that point, he wasn't too good at it yet. The kids were bouncing off the walls so I excused myself and locked myself away (well, maybe not literally) in our bedroom. Solace felt good. Mom made dinner. Terry took care of the kids.

When it was the kid's bedtime, then we let them have turns holding Ezra.

I guess Samuel was the first one to stop playing the video game, which was easy since he doesn't actually play, so he got to have a closer look at Ezra. No holding that night. We didn't know how destroyer baby would handle a baby brother, but actually, so far he's done great. There's been no jealousy or whining or anything we were worried would happen. That could take place next year when Ezra is old enough to play with Samuel's stuff...

Next up the stairs was Evie. She's very pleased to have a baby brother but she did ask me a week or so ago why we didn't have a girl for her. After talking about it with all of the kids, they all agreed that four kids is enough. Daddy says she's just the special girl, something she has been regularly pointing out to Noah.

And last to stop playing the game was of course Noah. But actually, he is the most excited about our new addition. His hovering around Ezra is most irritating. It's only because he's so happy and curious though. And mommy is extra frazzled.

That night was a tough one. I was definitely missing the help that hospital nurses offer through the night. Oofda. Ezra didn't get much sleep (and neither did we), but he did figure out nursing. I guess that's a good trade off...? The following night we put him in his room in his crib though. I just can't sleep well with a baby next to my bed. Too light of a sleeper. 

So the following morning I was quite sleep deprived and also loopy from the Tylenol with Codeine. So tired. But Terry's family came over to meet little Ezra. It was good. They brought donuts.

Alice was the first to get him. See what I mean about the kids hovering? I guess even Grace is in there. And he was pretty new and exciting. He is still. Did I mention I was sleep deprived?

Next up was Jerry. I think Noah is in about all the photos. We had to keep yelling for him to get out of the way of the cameras. He had eyes only for Ezra. But so did everyone else. And Noah was in the way!

Shari was sweet talking him. She got a couple smiles out of him later. And she's 14 weeks along in her own pregnancy so he will have a little play mate soon!

Next up was Jesse...and Noah again.

The smile Shari elicited. He's so cute!

The following day, Sunday, I did not attend church even though Ezra slept much better. My dad came over after his church was over to meet Ezra for the first time. He's funny to watch with babies because he imitates their faces. Ezra is so small! I'm trying to soak it in because it goes so fast. Already he's filling out. :(

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