Thursday, June 13, 2013

puppy gollum girl

Do you see what Evie's done here? Yes. She's tied to the bunk bed. Like a dog. She wanted it!
The little squish is just so silly. Gramma K had bought the kids a couple jump ropes. She thought it would be fun to be tied up like a dog. Daddy happily obliged. Mommy had to grab the camera. Don't worry. It came off in just a few minutes.

Though, for me, I didn't think so much of a dog. I was forcefully reminded of Gollum in The Two Towers when Frodo and Sam tie up Gollum round the ankle with the elven rope. 

"All we need is something to keep a hold on him," said Frodo. "We want him to walk so it's no good tying his legs. Or his arms. He seems to use them nearly as much. Tie one end to his ankle and keep a grip on the other end. He stood over Gollum while Sam tied the knot. The result surprised them both. Gollum began to scream. A thin, tearing sound very horrible to hear. He writhed. And tried to get his mouth to his ankle and bite the rope. He kept on screaming. At last Frodo was convinced that he really was in pain. But it couldn't be from the knot. He examined it and found that it wasn't too tight, indeed, hardly tight enough. Sam was gentler than his words. "What's the matter with you?" he said. "If you try to run away you must be tied. But we don't wish to hurt you." "It hurts us, it hurts us!" hissed Gollum. "It freezes, it bites. Elves twisted it. Curse them. Nasty cruel hobbits. That's why we tries to escape, of course it is, Precious. We guessed they were cruel hobbits. They visit elves. Fierce elves with bright eyes. Take it off us! It hurts us!"

Why yes, I did look that up to get it just right. I love me some Lord of the Rings.

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