Monday, September 9, 2013

palmer gulch weekend

Last year, Terry took just Noah and Evie to the Palmer Gulch/Mount Rushmore KOA for the first Faith Family weekend. The kids had so much fun watching their favorite music group (Go Fish) and playing at the resort, that we wondered why Samuel and I didn't go along last year. So we decided to get a room at their lodge and all go this time around. 

Here's me in the back of the old firetruck that hauls you to the concert. I was regretting, slightly, going along with Ezra. But he did better than the rest of us probably. 

We were a little late (we have 4 kids) and missed Go Fish's first song. The kids were bummed but they were able to get right up front to watch. This was Terry's photo of them...

 And here is my photo of Terry taking their picture. I stayed in the back with Ezra and Samuel. 

The kids didn't have all their little attending friends like last year, but they managed to get a high five from the singers. 

My little caveman.

It was so hot that the kids didn't last long in the front in the hot hot sun. Soon they came back to me and we all huddled in the sliver of shade next to the stroller. Evie still managed to look cute.

Proof Terry was there.

This year they added bouncy castles. I would have loved those when I was little... Sigh. I've never been in one! This one was a little too big for Samuel, but the other two helped him.

After bouncy castles we headed over to the big yellow inflated blob thing. It's for bouncing. Again, I would have loved that when I was little. These kids better be grateful ;) 

Sun rays and a pretty girl. 

He and Evie get very red faces when they're hot. They can thank me for that. 

Noah eye!

I should wear hats outside more often. They help keep you so much cooler.

Happy swinging

We had hot dogs for dinner. Noah hates hot dogs. As a reward for eating his, they got to mini-golf. Twice.

Following a surprisingly good night with four kids in one room (Ezra slept all night), Terry took the kids swimming and sliding. I tell you what. This place makes me wish I was a kid again. 
Noah and Carter coming down the slide.

Samuel did not care for the slide. Since he doesn't talk much, he kind of grunted to Terry that he wanted to just sit in the chair at the bottom of the slide and watch them all go down. So that's what he did.

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  1. Looks like a fun time!! :) You look super cute in your hat!!