Monday, November 16, 2015

The Poop Troop

The kids have started their own business! As you can see from their flyer below, they've had plenty of experience cleaning up after Snap for the last seven years and we wondered if anyone in our neighborhood would like some help cleaning up after their dogs. We see all sorts of people out every night walking their dogs with plastic bags in their hands so we were hopeful that someone would give them a shot. 

We first talked our idea over with Noah and Evie nearly a year ago and they were immediately excited. Ever since then Noah had been periodically pestering Terry to help him figure out how to start "The Poop Troop." Finally, on Saturday October 24th, we began. Terry made the flyers and then we had a practice run-through at the front door. It didn't go so well. So we typed up a script and rehearsed several times. 

"Knock knock..." 

We went through every possible response.  

I put the littles down for naps and Terry took the olders up and down our street to knock on doors.

The first neighbor with hunting dogs wasn't answering so they moved on. We will have to try him again in the future. 

Just as they were on their way home a woman down the street stopped them and hired them for a month of poop troop duties. She was very sweet and let them get started right away. It's always nice to meet your clients ;) 

Another neighbor had said she didn't need a doggie scooping, but instead needed doggie walking. And why not?! The kids have had plenty of practice doing that with Snap. So she hired them to walk her little dogs once a week. Here is their first time out when Samuel, Ezra and I followed them in the van.

 The second week we waited on the deck. It was chilly so Samuel needed bundling. 

Here they come!  

And just today one of those neighbors the kids talked to weeks ago called and wanted their services. 

Go Poop Troop go!

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