Saturday, November 28, 2015

halloween 2015

And just like that, I'm a month behind on the blog! Because yes, Halloween was nearly a month ago and I'm just now getting to it. 

Terry carved each kid's individually designed pumpkin. And they were very large. He's such a good daddy.

They are all sitting with their corresponding pumpkins. Samuel's is first and has eyes all the way around and was therefore my favorite - it looked extra cool all lit up. Noah's was based off a face that Lilo made in Lilo and Stitch. Evie's was exceptional because of the hearts she had daddy cut into it at random places. Ezra's was whatever Terry fancied.

We ate early that night and Shari and their crew met at our house around 530pm. This was before the blasted time change so it was actually still light out.  

Ezra wore Samuel's birthday cowboy costume from a couple years ago, complete with little chops. SO CUTE! 

Samuel is on a Spiderman kick and chose that one. Sarah was a fairy.

Evie was a generic princess while Grace was Princess Elsa. 

Our neighborhood was quite busy this year. There were crowds of parents walking along with their kids. It was nice! I, however, stayed home to give out candy. 

First up, our easterly neighbor. 

By the time they came back up the street, it was starting to get dark. I like Noah with his lightsaber held high. Of course it's the wrong color. Ha ha. 

I bought battery candles this year and was satisfied. It was nice being able to light up the pumpkins  more than one night. The order is Evie's, Noah's, Samuel's and Ezra's.

Oh, and last but not least, Terry's costume. Shari got him this Star Trek shirt for his birthday and this was the first time he wore it. He appropriately paired it with the Star Trek communicator he got me a few years ago. The reason this is funny is because in the original series, the extras who went on the away mission to a new planet always wore red shirts and they died every time. Therefore they were expendable. Terry's not really, of course. It's FUNNY!

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