Wednesday, September 21, 2016

then and now on the hill

Hanging on our fridge because I love it so much, is this picture of Terry and I from our early dating days. Actually, it's possible that it could be the first picture of us after we started dating. As I recounted in my post about our recent four wheeler ride to the top of this hill, shortly after we started dating, Terry drove me up his hill, gave me roses, and took this picture. I distinctly remember having to borrow shorts from Shari because it was blazing hot and I only had pants. It was August of 2002 when I was almost 21 and Terry was nearly 24. Golly!

So when we drove up there to explore and take family pictures in August, I wanted to recreate this old photo. It was a nice thought, but perhaps it would have been more pleasant for my ego to forgo the side by side comparison. We've both gotten older and I especially look terrible! No makeup, bad hair, bad clothes, no magical golden light. Perhaps we both need to go back to that hair. Oh well. It's still fun. Maybe we should do it every ten years or something :D

I like this desaturation a bit better. Helps mask some of the differences. 

My, how we've grown!

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