Wednesday, September 7, 2016

2016 Country Fair

Every year at the end of summer Terry's co-worker and friend Paul, the Director of Connections, plans this huge fall kickoff - Jana helps a ton too. They're awesome and this year's country fair was too.

Big "kids" at the children's table.

Todd's drawing of Russ. 

Todd and Frannie. 

Russ' drawing of Todd. 

Damon and Faith. 

Da girls, Zoe, Natasha, Emma, Jazmin. 

Jazzy wanted a selfie and of course I obliged. 

Samuel and Ezra are out of focus, but at least I have a photo of them, thirsty boys that they were. 

Samuel in the bouncy house. 

Inside were tables for connecting events. 

There was lots of connecting going on. 

One final photo back outside with Evie and some other girlies. 

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