Tuesday, August 23, 2016

random August happenings

I have too many random August (approximately) photos to make into smaller posts so I'm going to put them all together here.

For instance, here's Terry up a tree going gung-ho on the dead branches.

We cleaned out our house and loft, contributed a ton of old baby things to Shari's garage sale, and made a whopping $50 [Slams head into wall repeatedly]. 

 On the bright side, Terry did sell most of it on Craigslist (one thing smart phones are convenient for) or Once Upon a Child. 

While Shari was having some work done on her house I sheltered them over here for a day. 

The kids spent all afternoon outside with the pool or on the slip-n-slide. 

Terry has played many, many games of Pokemon with the kids, especially Noah.

Terry likes it as much as Noah does.

My front flower bed finally started blooming. 

I planted it from seed! 

We sold our old baby crib

I read a phenomenal book by Elisabeth Elliot called Shadow of the Almighty. It was about her husband Jim Elliot who was martyred in Ecuador in 1956 - most of the book was taken from his old journals and letters. This book impacted me in a big way and I want to have a faith like his. These are all the pages I loved so much but were too long to copy down.

We participated in a fantastic Olympic "games" party my friend Amanda put on and invited like eight or nine families to. We all have a lot of kids!

I snuggled with Samuel. Sometimes I just have a need to squeeze a kid, the younger the better.

Evie organized a parade to perform for daddy. This is the big finish.

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