Saturday, July 30, 2016

ode to our crib...without the ode

We have just recently retired our faithful old crib. It's seen us through four babies, five if you count Terry...
26 year old Terry in our new-to-us crib exactly one month before Noah was born. 

We surprisingly became pregnant with Noah only one month into our marriage and were pretty dirt poor. Terry's dad generously got us a crib from a garage sale at Carriage Heights.

We had no idea how to parent. Do you sleep in the crib with the baby?

Nope. Not a good idea.

In 2007 we moved to Gburg and into the parsonage. By 2008 Evie was born and into the crib she went! It was a great old bed with all that storage, complete with a "built in" (not really) changing table.

Evie stayed in there through our move into the first house we owned in Gburg. Since Noah, Evie, and Samuel were all born three years apart, there was plenty of time for them to mature into a twin bed, skipping the toddler bed stage altogether. Evie was nearly three years old here.

And bam, along came Samuel in 2011 shortly after we moved into that house.

In 2012 we moved back home to Rapid City. Ezra was born in 2013 only two years after Samuel and therefore he had to sleep in a toddler bed for a while.

Ezra has been our last baby to sleep in that dear old crib. This photo was taken on his second birthday, the day before Terry went on his Mexico/L.A. trip. Just this past Christmas we moved Evie into this room and build her a loft where that crib was.

Once Evie was in her new room Samuel and Ezra had to share the green room.

But the day before we left for Table's kids camp, we moved Ezra into a brand new twin bed. It was time. He is three years old now and since we were renting our house out while we were gone, it meant there was another bed an adult could sleep in. 

He is doing very well in his big boy bed. 

Good bye crib. Hello twin beds! 

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