Sunday, July 17, 2016

dinner with the grandparents

The day after our Sunday Gulch hike, we drove up Nemo Road to a campground my folks were staying at. My mom had invited us up for dinner with them. 

The kids (and mosquitos) were drawn straight to the creek.

She made venison stew and I brought french bread. It was delicious. It reminded me strongly of when she made that meal at the Grand Canyon on our trip through the southwest when I was in seventh grade. 

Ezra thought Grampa's chair was comfortable though he didn't quite fill it out... 

Grampa showed us how it was done. 

Noah and Evie could not stop reading. Bo was excited to reunited with us all after we had watched him while my folks were on a trip.  

Samuel, R2D2 bubbles, and Bo. 

The kids had been enamored by a dead fish in the stream. I kid you not, Evie said, "It's dead. Why isn't it moving?" Made my week. Though, on second thought, perhaps a portion of her schooling is inadequate. I must talk to her teacher... 

We walked to the adjacent camping site, found a bridge over the stream, and the kids began to throw rocks, weeds and flowers in.

I wandered to the back of that particular camp site and took some pretty pictures. It would be a great place to camp.  

Yep, beautiful. 

Ezzie and the water. 

Mom telling a story about...I forgot what. 

Daddy teaching Noah the most important things in life. 

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