Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Rainbow 2016

We had a week off after the Middle School bike trip and then Noah and Evie went out to Rainbow Bible Ranch together for the week. It was Evie's first time staying for the whole week and Noah's third time. They were able to be the first on their horses when we dropped them off the evening of Monday June 27. There weren't as many of their church friends attending that week, but this way they had a break after the bike trip and the weather was much cooler than it had been the previous week.

It sure was quiet around the house, but I didn't sit around. I finished my pew and refinished our dining table and the boys played outside with me.

 When we went out there Friday afternoon for their rodeo, Evie was one of the first kids to barrel race. 

She was so slow!

She was rather adorable when she rode the horse back because since she is so small that horse jiggled her all over the place and her hair was flapping. 

Noah improved greatly from last year when he had been somewhat afraid of the horses. 

Unless you tell those horses who is boss they are rather slow. Mr. Larry spurred a lot of them on behind the riders. 

After barrel racing came a goat exercise where they had to ride down the corral, jump off their horse, grab the tied cloth off the goat's horns, and tag/tackle the flag holder.

Most of of kids knocked her over.  

Evie's turn. It was funny to watch the kids have to chase the goat down. 

Inside after dinner the kids sang for us, Larry gave us a summary of the week, and some of the kids recited Bible verses. 
Evie forgot how to smile while at camp apparently...

Noah is a whiz at memorizing. 

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