Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sylvan Lake and Sunday Gulch hike

A couple days after we returned from the Middle School Bike Trip Terry took a day off and we went to Sylvan Lake for a hike and a swim. I was super bummed I had forgotten my good camera and was stuck with cell phone pictures...

As we were walking down the path to the lake Evie remarked how sad she was that she hadn't seen Aly for such a long time...

But right after she said that, someone from the water yelled out, "The Biers!" It was Aly!!

It was so random that we happened to be there at the same time. They were only able to stay for a short while but the kids were ecstatic to play with each other for a bit. 
Eli and Noah

Aly and Evie. 

Ezra and Samuel tried out their swimming wings for the first time.

I climbed the big rock next to the beach to take a few photos. 


That's me! 

After only about an hour at the beach we were sunburned and ready for our hike.

We did the Sunday Gulch Trail...or part of it. The last time we had been there was when Noah was a baby, only a couple months old in fact! 

I scanned in to my computer a couple photos from that first baby Noah Sunday Gulch hike. July 4, 2005!!

Mommy still had a few pounds to lose from the 55 she gained on that first pregnancy so we don't need to see a close up picture of me and Noah. But Terry and Noah are adorable! Oh, and that shirt! It was Terry's one souvenir from our honeymoon in Hawaii and he gave it away to Herbergers for a clothing drive so he could get a coupon and get me a Christmas gift. I was so bummed! But yes, it was sweet. But I miss that shirt.

We stopped at the first waterfall, the first of many. Look at that big 11 year old!

The trail goes down this hill very steep hill, following the water course from the back of the lake. It's so steep you really do need those handrails. 

Another waterfall. 

And another! 

The entire trail would have taken two and a half hours so when we came to the bottom of the hill we turned around and climbed back up. 

Cute girl in front of the pretty stream. 

Noah, Samuel, Evie, Daddy, and Ezra. 

Back at the top Terry took my picture of front of the trickling stream coming over the dam. No wonder the stream was not as big as I remembered. 

From the top of the dam. 

Those are our kids. :P 

It was a hot day and the water was irresistible to the boys, especially because they wanted to throw in rocks...during our entire hike back around the lake. 

Terry's panoramic of us and the lake. 

We had Noah take our picture.

We loaded up in the Envoy and drove along Needles Highway through Custer State Park enjoying the views, or at least Terry and I did. 
The Needles Eye

The kids just really wanted to go home and of course Ezra fell asleep. 

Terry "evened" out his bike trip tan by adding another layer of red, then brown. There are three or four different shades there! 

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