Monday, July 25, 2016

Terry the Lego minifigure

I bought Terry the coolest Father's day gift this year!

Open the box and see what's inside... a Lego figure!

That ain't just any Lego figure. It's a TERRY Lego figure...a Terry half-marathon Lego figure! 

Terry and I ran a half-marathon back in June and he had wanted to get the girls, Jemma-azmin, and I a gift to commemorate the accomplishment. While browsing online, he ran across a company that made custom Lego mini figures. They were too expensive for three of them so he opted for some cool laser etched wood key chains. I however, bought him his own Lego half marathon mini figure for Father's Day. Oh yeah!

It took several weeks longer than I was hoping but better late than never. Little Lego Terry came in the mail the day we picked the olders up from Rainbow. The following morning I showed the kids "their gift" to Terry.

They were rather excited. 

He has the best hair - both of them do actually.

Here is the back of the minifig. I sent them three photos of Terry from the race and they surpassed my expectations. The detail is amazing! 

He has Terry's facial hair, race medal and bib, and even Nike swoosh logo! Even his eyebrows turn down at the ends like Terry's. 

He loved it!

Terry was happy but not completely surprised. Just the night before he had discovered the Paypal receipt and asked me about it. Though I avoided telling him to whole the truth of course I had to tell him it wasn't a fraudulent charge! I was so bummed. 

But look at him. He's perfect ["like a dance"]! Terry got him his own block to "run" on.

Good right?!

Boom baby! 

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