Wednesday, August 17, 2016

VBS 2016

July was "jamma slamma-d," as Terry would say. The first week we were in Wyoming for kids camp at Table, the second week we were in Denver for Lead the Cause, the third week Nathan and Ana came to visit. But before they could leave Vacation Bible School started on Sunday night! Terry was game leader and I was the photographer. And what was the very first photo I took? These two dorks, Asher and Noah ;)

I turned around to find more dorks, Evie and Elle.

It was an Old West theme this year. 

The preschoolers are the most adorable. And it doesn't hurt when my kid is in the class :P It's my blog so my kids feature. 

Fun in the sun. 

Noah was a helper this year since he's a big ol' 6th grader now! Say whaaaa? Terry and Todd are confused too... 

Samuel at snack time with his group. 

I loved the girls' old fashioned dresses, modeled here by Savannah and Tori. 

Slackers ;) 

Zeb cracked me up with that grass and that bucket. 

Gotta have the dancers! 

The preschoolers are in the front and the olders in the back. 

Miss Sarah asked for kids to come up and tell what they learned that day. Evie wore my old dresses every single night because they were pretty old fashioned too. 

One theme of the week was searching God's Word for gold, so it was pretty cute to see the preschoolers digging in a swimming pool full of sand for fake gold coins. Of course they loved it! 

Noah loves doing that thumb thing. Like his new glasses? 

They got turned into trees. 

Oh no! A whole tree family! 

Miss Sarah wrote two skits for every night. Asher, ahem, "Jake the Snake," was seen wandering around looking dodgy... 

Ezra came up front at the end of the second night and said something about cars. He was just following everyone else. Terry and I were like, "Sarah! Oh no no no no no...!" Too late. 

Every night that week when we came out of church, we were treated to the most beautiful sunsets. 

Day three, Tuesday. 

The cast. 

Ronna had me take pictures of Asher for her to make up into a wanted poster.  

He is his father's son. Miniature Todd. They both need a game show. 

Playing soccer while awaiting the next group. Terry rolled his ankle!

I was wandering around the church when I went behind the stage, something I had never done before, and came into the Sunday school room next to it. I never go in there, obviously since I had not been back stage before, and found these cute pictures of Noah and Asher :D 

Evie and Shekinah playing arm tag. 

Noah and...? 

Samuel reluctantly handing over this gold. 

Another sunset, though this one didn't photograph well.  

Wednesday night Jake the Snake robbed the bank and ran from the law, Zeb. Don't worry, the law won. 

Who let him lead worship after he robbed a bank?!! 

Cute kids. 

Nice view from behind the stage props. 

Another game outside where they had to search for treasure in the grass, much like we mine the Word of God for His treasure. 

Here's Ronna's wanted poster. 

Poor Joshua was apparently the leader to beat up that day. This group of kids were hauling him off saying they were going to beat him with sticks (not really!). See the kid's stick and Joshua's face? HA!  

Jake behind bars where he belongs. 

Thursday night was the best night for sunsets! 

I took a picture at the top of the hill while driving home. I love living here. 

Thursday night was our final night with the parents in attendance. Turns out Jake the Snake was really named William something-or-other and he was from England and had fallen on hard times. All of was forgiven. 

The cast shared with gospel with Asher/Jake/William and the audience. 

All done and time for a cast photo! 

Lauralee brought in a real "prospector" to give a demonstration.  

Demonstrating how to pan for gold. 

Look! Five specks of gold!!! It's heavier than dirt and muck so it sticks while the rest washes away. 

We were last in line for food and by the time we got outside to eat it started raining! Pretty rainbow though.  

Terry put together this video. He thinks he could have improveed it if he had more time but I think it's great. 

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