Wednesday, October 5, 2016

my 35th birthday

Two weeks after Terry's birthday was mine, my own, my preciousssss. Urm, I mean it was my birthday. I turned 35 or as Terry likes to say, I'm halfway to 70.

Terry suggested to Jazmin that they take me mountain biking. He didn't have to twist my arm or theirs! Off to Bone Collector we went. That was the same location where nearly two weeks earlier we biked in the rain. Here on this cliff is approximately the same location where we took our group picture amongst the clouds, but obviously this day it was perfectly clear.

The view! This is overlooking Johnson Siding and Rimrock Church.

After our slow climb to the top of the hill we stopped at the first obstacle, a log, and Zoe grew bored. To entertain herself she started bouncing on a skinny pine trees. Around the bend she was bored again and used another tree is hang off of.

Further down I made Zoe pose with the largest collection of bones on this ride, this skeleton with a new pumpkin head. Oh, and Denise being awesome behind her.

My scary face was actually very similar to the face I was given for our forking incident. Thanks Natasha!

Happy face. 

I got home around lunch time and just hung out for the afternoon. Since it was such a beautiful day, all for me, I wanted to spend more time outside. Thanks to some coupons, we picked up dinner (Culvers for the kids and Qdoba for adults) and went to eat at Sioux Park. 

We returned home in time to meet my folks for cake and presents. 

During Terry's birthday I had told him I'd prefer a cake made by my mom over a "meh" store bought one and that's what I got! 

Sometimes, or rather often times, I am over come by the desire to consume my youngest, squishiest child. Poor Ezra gets quite tired of this...but I don't!

My first gift was these lovely round lilac magnets from my brother the wood maker. 

Terry took over my job as photographer for the night and took a great deal more photos than I usually do. I think he especially attempted to capture me making weird faces because there's a whole lot of them. Either I was hamming up or I always make weird faces. Who can say?  

The kids get bored when they don't have stuff to open so they have to find ways to entertain themselves. 

A semi captive audience. 

Mom gave me a quality fry-pan and this shawl she crocheted herself. I've been wearing it on cool mornings during school! Oh, and Evie planted me some flower seeds she picked out especially during a trip to Hardware Hank that morning with daddy while I was biking. 

The kids were properly engaged after the presents were opened because it was time for the final act - a riddle guided treasure hunt. 

I was given the first card with this riddle in it to solve and move on to the next clue. The riddles were what Terry and the kids had spent most of the morning working on. Noah came up with this one all on his own!

I could not figure out what "gold" meant. Classic over think. I thought they were talking about real gold all the while everyone was saying the answer. They meant gold fish!!

The second clue was written by Evie. She might have had some help but not all that much I don't think. 

There was a "Warriors" cat book on the table next to the fish tank and that is where I found the next clue.

On the cat book was this clue by Terry. I incorrectly went to the tea drawer and came up empty. So next I correctly went to cupboard with the play tea set. 

Stuck in the tea pot was this riddle from Noah:

Inside the tea pot was another riddle by Noah. 

I got this one right away - under my pillow.

The kids were bouncing along behind me so excited to watch me figure it all out. What good kids. Under my pillow was the final clue, which again, I guessed right away.

Behind my pink dress coat in the storage/utility room in the dungeon was a big ol box! What fun, what fun!

We went upstairs where the littles were bored again. Time to fly planes. 

I started unwrapping my gift and apparently made this face... I'm considering making it my profile picture.

Terry panned back to Ezra. This one cracks me up. 

He got me a blender/food processor! I've been making smoothies for months and our generic blender was pretty terrible. This new one has been working great! Thank you Terry and kiddies. You worked so hard and made my day extra special. I love you! 

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