Wednesday, October 12, 2016

random September post

Every once in a while (okay, like twice times in the last two months), I have no ideas for the random collection of photos in my iPhoto folder. Therefore, the random post fills the gap!

Behold, some pictures of the kids playing at Canyon Lake on a beautiful September morning, just before fall began.

This particular morning the kids and I visited all three playgrounds, thereby fulfilling the kids' (Samuel's) desire to play there...which was voiced every time we had driven by (practically daily). Notice how happy Samuel is! :D

I posted this one on Instagram. So pretty with the tree and the green and the light. 

Terry snapped this of me reading Classical Conversation timeline cards to the kids one morning. 

Terry took the kids to the dentist one Friday morning while I was on a coffee date. When the three older kids were done Ezra insisted it was his turn. He's not old enough yet but they humored him. 

Selfies are okay when you have a cute little boy willing so sit on your lap. 

Alan Shlemon from Stand to Reason, a podcast we listen to regularly, was in town for a conference and we tagged along for an evening of visiting at a new friend's house. The boys almost watched a 3D movie - we switched to a Blu-ray - but they looked so cute in those glasses.

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