Friday, October 28, 2016

Terry and Jazmin's Crazy Horse half marathon

On Sunday, October 9, 2016 Terry and Jazmin ran their second half marathon together. The first one I took part in, but because of unceasing IT band knee pain, I wanted a long break from running. These two were more than ready for more though, obviously, so they signed right up.

Terry continued training right after our Deadwood half marathon in June. One Friday a month before the race Terry wanted to do a long run but I didn't want to sit at home and wait. So we all went! I pulled the two little boys behind the bike and Noah and Evie rode themselves. We all had our work cut out for us to keep up with daddy.

One week before the race, the six of us plus Chris and Jazmin, drove up to Crazy Horse to do a long practice run. 

It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. 

Even though Samuel learned how to pedal his bike back in June, he couldn't get himself started. He figured it out on this 10 mile ride though. It was all downhill so that made it easier for him to start and by the end it didn't matter if he was up or downhill - he finally had it figured out.

Chris took this picture of me and the boys one time we passed him. He was a great help with Samuel. If I was stuck behind with Ezra, Chris would help Samuel out. Plus he made Noah and Evie feel a bit safer since daddy had driven back down to Hill City and was running up towards us. 

About six miles into our ride and four into Terry's run, we finally passed each other. 

Jazmin will never again eat mac and cheese before a run - her stomach hurt her a lot.

Fast forward to Saturday, October 8 when I made a special pasta meal for carbo loading. 

It was seriously the best fettucini alfredo I've ever had or made. 

On race day morning David drove Terry and Jazmin up to Crazy Horse since I didn't want to get the kids up at 5am. Fist bump.

 Fist bump explosion. What a sunrise right?!!

What a gorgeous picture thanks to David! 

There he is :) 

About the time the sun was coming up at 7am we were finishing breakfast. I sent Terry this picture when he said they had arrived.

The race started at 8am sharp and they were ready to go.

We arrived just as the first runners were coming down the road from the Crazy Horse parking lot. It was only 8:24am or so when Terry showed up. He's wearing the lime green shirt to the far left.

We only had to hang out five minutes or so and Jazmin and a whole crew of others came into view. Go Jazmin! Unfortunately that was the only time we saw Jazmin until the end. 

We got back on the highway and could see Terry running along the road. At the first intersecting road, I pulled off and drove down a bit to this bridge. Terry crossed it after not long! 

The next intersection we had to wait a little bit at. But once I decided to climb down the hill, there was Terry coming out from under the highway. 

Next we pulled off at exactly the same place where we had passed Terry on our bike ride.  

It was so fun to cheer him on. WAY more fun than running.

Pretty much right around the corner was another pull off and I took it. At this point I could tell Terry was very tired. Afterwards he said I was right and that his legs just left heavy. 

A few miles outside of Hill City the Mick crosses over the highway. 

We pulled off one more time before the finish line.  

It sure went fast from our point of view! 

We parked in Hill City and not long at all later Terry came in to view at the top of the road. 

Go daddy go!!! 

His time was actually a bit less since he didn't cross the starting line until a few seconds after the clock began. 

We let him breath a bit and then went forward to congratulate him. 

Shortly thereafter we got back in the van to drive back up the highway in search of Jazmin. I felt bad we hadn't seen her but the course was such that we couldn't track both of them. However, we could not find her. The racers started to be walkers and we figured she was in front of us somewhere too far away to see. So we went back to Hill City and it was a lucky thing. Truly, as soon as we arrived, there she was.

Go Jazzy go!

Daw, what good runners they are. 

Fist bump. 

Fist bump explosion. 

Terry had been on a pop fast since April before our first half marathon and he continued it all summer. He was so ready for a Coke. 

Just like last time, he played dead. 

Jazmin's family came up to cheer her on! 

Jazmin crushed her previous time. She improved her pace by 30 seconds! Most likely because I wasn't there to hold her back! Ha! 

Terry improved his overall time by 3 seconds. He was bummed but I think he did amazing. 

He earned that Coke! 

Oh yeah! 

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