Wednesday, October 12, 2016

fun together - Hawkins and the boat

The weekend before my birthday, we went to see the comedian Tim Hawkins with Terry's folks and Shari and Jesse! We have most of his DVDs and employ his jokes around the house all the time. This was actually our second time seeing him live and it was even better than the first time.
Hello grumpy photo bombing lady behind us! I hope her frown turned upside down once Tim got started.

My favorite part was when he joked about all the silly things moms say and do. I was crying!

Two days before we had been out to the ranch to take a look at Terry's great grandmother's 1976 Chrysler New Yorker. We could fit all of our children in that trunk ;)

All four fit comfortably in the back seat!

Cute little faces.

The following weekend we went out again to try and get the old thing started and maybe drive it around. After replacing the spark plugs, adding new fuel, and airing up the tires, the engine actually turned over and we got to go for a ride. Talk about a boat right?!

I had heard stories about this car and how it just floated along the road and you didn't feel any bumps in the road. While we were fixing it up Terry told me about how when they'd go visit his great grandmother in Montana she'd have them load up and drive them around the city. As a kid he was less than interested but now it sounds like such fun!

Plenty of room for this Six Pack plus Snap dog!

Such a beauty! 

It was a lot of fun to ride around in her and I got to see first hand what a smooth ride she is. 

After our little drive we took the four wheelers out for a less than smooth ride around the ranch but just as fun. Ha! 
The last time we visited, this stock pond was completely empty. Just a couple days of rain filled it up at least a little.

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