Wednesday, November 30, 2016

fall retreat 2016

The first weekend of November was a beautiful one and that was good since we had the fall retreat up in the hills at Camp Judson where it gets super cold at night. 

I wasn't able to attend the first night since we didn't have any babysitter. I spent my day painting the laundry room and packing for the five of us. So much work for just one night! I had Terry send me a picture of what the retreat shirts looked like. Faith does good work.

Terry's mom came for the kids on Saturday morning and after a stop at Starbucks, I arrived at camp just about game time. There were a total of four E-Free churches in attendance - Parkview, Rimrock, Hot Springs, and Gillette. 

Game time was some sort of four way soccer. I just wandered around taking pictures. I had to laugh that Jazmin was being attacked by a middle schooler. She's done plenty to be annoying in her time too ;) Hehehe! 

Terry busting out his moves. 

Two Sarahs with Tenielle, her baby Briella, and her mom. 

Tenielle and Briella. We met Tenielle through Terry's mission trips to Mexico. She got married last year and already they have the most perfect baby girl. 

Jordyn and Debbie 

I loved this shot of Allison, a former soccer player, booting that ball out of her goal area. 

There's a lot going on in this photo but my favorite is David's expression in the top left. Ha! 

David again, this time kicking the ball all sideways. That or missing the incoming ball!

All four churches! 

Terry giving instructions. 

More instructions. 

Silly Natasha. 

Da girls. 

There's Barto, Tenielle's husband! He's from Africa - Burkina Faso. 

Next was lunch. 

Sweet sleeping Briella. 

I went on a walk with these two lovely ladies - Kristen and Alexis. 

Then we swang. 

Denise's small group. 

Aaron brought up something like 25 pizzas. Apparently he and Zeb love their pizza! 

It's become tradition to have a girl sit on the pizza boxes. There were so many this year that we needed two piles and Jazmin and Zoe squished them down. 

Barto and 'Tenielle led worship for us. They were amazing. 

Visiting at like 12:30am. 

The traditional game of Ship to Shore. 

Let by Steven as always. 

Sarah requested a picture with me. So sweet. I wasn't in any except one! 

Our group before the final session. 

After cleaning up, driving to the church, and unloading at the church, we got back in the car and drove all the way to Spearfish! Meghan was getting married and we couldn't miss it! Afterwards we drove back down the interstate to pick up the kids from the ranch. What an intense weekend. I'm getting too old for this! 

Here is the fall retreat video:

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