Wednesday, December 7, 2016

November - sunsets, YG, Star Wars party, biking

On November 8, which was election day, we had a spectacular sunset. I used my iPhone pano mode to try to get in more of the sky.

The colors were just phenomenal. I just sat on the hill in the cold for like 15 minutes. My kids were like, "Mommy?!?"

The following night at Youth Group, Terry gave a great illustration where he loaded one kid down with old clothes which represented sin and then transferred the clothes over onto the other kid. In the same way Jesus took on our sins and freed us from them, forgiving us, and giving us His righteousness in return. 

That weekend we had been invited to a Star Wars "mystery dinner" by Jeff and Ronna (who, having a mutual love of Star Wars, gave us this Han Solo rug). I thought we'd be playing parts in a mystery murder, similar to one I attended last year but I was wrong... Also, since we were encouraged to dress up, I borrowed these pajamas from Paige and Zach. They looked great but I was roasting the whole night. Ha! 

Jeff was a Star Wars "fan," Katie was Darth Maul (obviously :D), Steve was Darth Vador, Dana was a light saber (HA!), Terry was Kylo Ren in Darth's clothes, I was Chewie, Jeff was Han Solo, Mary was...I can't remember...Qui-Gon Jinn?, and Kyle was the best - young Obi-Wan Kenobi in Mary's pants and boots, complete with a little rat tail made of yarn. Unpictured was Ronna.

Like I said there were no parts to play for this dinner. When they said mystery dinner, they meant it literally. They sat us down at a completely empty table and gave us a cryptic menu full of Star Wars references. We were told us to pick what we wanted for our five courses. We had NO idea what all these things were so keep in mind that of course I wrote in the answers afterwards. I mean, what would make of "Yoda's Swamp Gruel"?! 

I chose...poorly. The table was empty and we had to guess for our eating utensils, cups, and napkins. Thankfully they generously gave us plates I guess! As you can see, I didn't get any real food until the final course and I didn't received any utensils to go with it! For the first course Terry guessed correctly on the salad and breadsticks but didn't get a fork. He had to use his breadstick as a sort of spoon! Hilarity ensued. 

Here is Kyle just going for it - dangling fettucini into his mouth with his fingers. Jeff and Ronna felt a bit bad so were pleased that we all played along so good naturedly. It was hilarious. We rounded off the evening by taking turns acting (badly) in these made up Star Wars skits Jeff had written for the occasion. By the end of the night, my face hurt from smiling so much.

A couple days later I went mountain biking with a legit crew - Jazmin, Denise, and David. We went to Reder Road and I hoped to redeem it since the last time I had been there (with this same group) I broke my derailer hanger on my old bike. The ride before that I had been on my old bike and was completely exhausted. I knew this ride would go better due to my new bike and more experience, but I ended up feeling just about as tired since we extended the ride with a trail called Extra Credit. My legs were wiggly, wobbly, done. Probably as a result to being so tired, I had my first actual crash. My front tire got wedged on a rock and the stopped momentum carried me over my handlebars into the pine needles next to the trail. Thankfully I didn't endo onto rocks and only scratched up my shoulder a bit. 

The drive home was beautiful due to the supermoon. I yanked the Envoy onto a side road and took a bad picture with my phone. It looks like the sun here!

I didn't get scratched up because of my wreck, but I did jar my neck. After a couple visits to the chiropractor, I was all better again.

One week later, another beautiful sunset! 

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