Wednesday, December 28, 2016

bone collector with Noah

Ten days after our first snow on November 17, it had all melted and that Sunday we decided we needed a bike ride. We all brought our little people (Noah, Zeah, Ella) and drove up Bone Collector's hill (instead of riding) and rode the top loop. When we reached the ridge where we customarily take selfies, we stopped for another one, this time with the phone tripod Kendra had given me a month earlier. Um, I have to learn how to focus the dumb thing...

Which reminds me of the reason why Kendra gave me that tripod. We had done another little person bike ride on Skyline Drive in mid-October and I took this group photo with my phone propped on top of my backpack, leaning against a rock. I forgot to blog about this ride!

Back to the Bone ride... Zoe likes to amuse herself when we stop by bouncing or hanging on trees. She called these aspens/birches (who really knows how to tell the difference?!) the "panda trees" and taught all the girls (plus Noah) how to hang off of them. 

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