Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Family Roller Coaster Photo Shoot

The day after Thanksgiving we joined the rest of Terry's family out at the ranch for a pre-planned Christmas photo shoot. Just two days earlier Terry's dad, Jerry, had called with an incredible idea - to take a family Christmas photo on the roller coaster (he bought a roller coaster in 2015 and they put it together in June). 

Furthermore, Jerry made the grandkids to be reindeer, the parents were elves, and he and Alice were Santa and Mrs. Clause! The best part though was that the roller coaster was his sleigh :D HOW PERFECT IS THAT??!!

To get us all in the shot equally it was necessary to move the roller coaster back down the track a bit. 

At first they just let it sit there, hoping it would stay put.

But it didn't stay put. It slid right back to the beginning of the track. It only moved like ten feet but Samuel and Ezra, who are a bit afraid of the roller coaster, freaked out. Just look at Samuel's face! HAHAHAHAHA!

I snapped this just as Terry and Jerry had just got the roller coaster stopped. Sarah is also freaked out!

The whole thing was hilarious. I got it on video!! So so funny. Classic.

Jerry went and got some vice grips which he used to clamp the roller coaster onto the track. It worked like a charm. The guys went to get a ladder to load up.

I brought my camera tripod along and Terry's aunt Barb, who was staying at great grandma's for the weekend, drove up and pressed the camera button to take our picture.

This is my favorite shot because it's the most in focus. Jerry preferred the pictures with our arms up though. 


"Yzma! Put your hands in the air!" Jesse's face... Hehehehe

I jumped down to adjust the camera for another round of photos and then climbed back up.

Terry climbed back on and then chucked the ladder away.

This was the only one with our hands up where you could see everyone's face and therefore it went on facebook. Put your hands in the air like you just don't care.

One more.

Shari asked me to take a couple of their family pictures when we were done.

Cute little reindeer.


Did I want our family picture taken? No. Just one of Samuel climbing a tree was enough. :D

Evie and Grace played in the small bank of melting snow before coming in. Those two are buds.

The sunset that evening was amazing but Alice was like, "It's always like that." Cracked me right up.

Cows and an orange sky.


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  1. What a joy to see the whole experience, thank you. We are family & we love you all!