Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 church Christmas program

On Sunday evening, December 11th, the kids (minus Noah this year who is a middle schooler!) had their annual Christmas program at the church.

They had been practicing for months, literally, even the littles! There's Samuel at the top of the line. Ezra is already in place wearing the blue vest.

All the practice really paid off though. I was most impressed by how well the littles did, and not just mine. All of them did wonderful. I couldn't believe how much they had memorized!

Ezra surprised me by how much he participated. When we ask him pointed questions at home he pretends to be all shy, not wanting attention. Of course that is another way of getting attention.  

Next up was the bigger school aged kids. They all performed at once, with the different classes doing their own special parts. Here Evie cheeses it up while waiting for another group to perform. 

She was especially proud to be given a small speaking role. My oh my does she love to perform. This girl would simply adore being on stage more often... 

We were in the front, but she still speaks so quickly that it's hard to understand her. Just ask her what she said and she'll be more than happy to reenact it for you. :D

Belting out "Christmas in July."

Again cheesing while she waits. 

It was a good night and a good program.

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