Wednesday, December 14, 2016

turkey trot and Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving morning four out of the six of us ran our first 5k turkey trot. Of course Samuel and Ezra couldn't run and I wasn't sure if I could take a stroller so my dad watched them. Turns out strollers were allowed, but I really wanted to run my best. Prae and Natasha had agreed to stay with Noah and Evie so Terry and I could actually run. It worked out well and we all did great.

Terry really pushed himself and ran each mile faster, all of them around 6:45!! It was so cold outside that his perspiration was actually visibly evaporating through his hat!

I finished in 29 minutes with pace of 9:37, which was great for me. I was beat - lungs were a' burnin!

I forgot what the kids came in at but they did fantastic. I didn't think they'd run much but they were the ones encouraging Natasha and Prae to run more. 

Noah was quite proud of himself for cheering Natasha on, and she was actually really helped by him. Both of them were. I got the sweetest text from Prae later about how great my kids were and Natasha also posted about it on facebook. Awww.

Later we went over to my parent's house.

 I made my seemingly now traditional pecan pie. 

Terry and Evie took their now traditional turkey leg photo. :D

Samuel and Ezra are now old enough to want in on the action.

My uncle Jeff joined us for some amazing food!

Since Nathan and Ana and Stephanie were not here, mom and I prepared the whole feast by ourselves. After my 5k, I was rather tired so thankfully my dad and Terry washed the heaps of dishes. I love this picture. My sister and I spent our entire childhood doing exactly this next to each other.

Mom enjoyed her rest while the guys washed up too. 

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